Five Steps to taking driving lessons in Liverpool

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Applying for a Provisional Driving Licencedriving licence

Most people don’t know this but you can actually apply to the DVLA for your Provisional Driving Licence (car) three months before your 17th birthday. Although you can’t take a driving lesson on the public highway until you turn 17. When taking driving lessons with Evolution Driving School, our instructors will first check both parts of your licence and then check to see if you can read a number plate from the prescribed distance, (20.5 metres) as this is a legal requirement before you can get on the roads.


Searching for a Driving School

I have five different driving schools so which one should I go with? Sound familiar? Recommendation is usually the best method as the person you’re using has a reputation amongst people you know for getting results. Going with the cheapest driving school? What you need to ask yourself is will it work out cheaper in the long term? How about if it takes 20 hours longer to learn how to drive with the cheaper option compared to the most expensive Driving School? There are a lot of factors that you will need to consider before deciding which one will offer you the best value.


Preparing for the Theory Test

When learning to drive, knowledge is very important. To pass the theory test you’ll need to pass both parts which are a series of multiple choice questions and hazard perception video tests. At Evolution we actively encourage our clients to continue reading the Highway Code after passing the theory test. This will help to expand  on your knowledge as there are things you may forget after passing and it is likely there will be things you still need to learn.


Preparing for the Practical Test

The day has come for you to take your driving test. This test will last for around 45 minutes. The testing criteria will be to drive the car safely in that time taking in various traffic and road conditions. You’ll be asked to do one reversing exercise, a phase of independent driving and a controlled stop (depending on traffic conditions). At the end of the driving test the examiner will give you your feedback on how you performed.


Full Licence HolderDriving lessons in liverpool

Congratulations you’ve passed your driving test. You’ll now be eager to get out on the roads to help build on your experience. After passing the test just remember you are still in a probation period which is better known as the New Driver Act. What this means is, if you get 6 or more penalty points on your driving licence within the first two years after passing, you will then return back to learner status and have to pass both theory and practical test again to regain your full driving licence. Try to stay safe on the roads by building on the things you’ve learnt and keep trying to self reflect on areas that you can develop within your driving.