Evolution’s essential guide to passing your theory test first time

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Hi, my name is Paul Roach and I am a driving instructor, predominately providing driving lessons in Liverpool. I have helped many people pass their theory test, so I thought I would share some useful points that could help you pass too!


You can study towards passing the theory test using books, CD roms, smartphone apps or online study programmes. Mydriving theory test in liverpool recommendation would be to sample them all if you can and try to work out a study programme that will suit your needs best.

For example, a smartphone app would be good as you can use it whilst travelling regularly on a bus or train. Or possibly you would prefer an online study programme as you are on the computer quite a lot. If you don’t have a computer, don’t worry as you can practice at a local library.

When studying the multiple choice questions try to vary the topics as much as you can. Look at which subjects you’re doing well on and try to work on the ones you’re struggling with. If there are questions you’re struggling with, write the questions/answers down on some paper and get a friend or family member to help you with remembering the correct answer. Also, try to read more about the subjects you’re struggling with in the Highway Code book as it’ll give you a deeper understanding about the subject.

Studying for the hazard perception test should be varied because if you know where the hazard is, you’ll not really be challenging yourself and may fail. Treat it the same way you would do if you were driving the vehicle which is on the video. Only press for a hazard if there is something that may cause you to slow down. Don’t treat it like a computer game and just keep pressing the button as it may cause you to score zero points.

Try to make sure you structure your practice regularly and give yourself goals to aim for. Work towards a booking date when you’re progressing well as this will give you more motivation to study regularly.

Avoid booking the theory test via unofficial vendors as they will overcharge you. Make sure you book your theory test book a testdirectly via the DSA as they will charge you the correct amount which is £31.

On the day of your theory test make sure you know where you’re going. Your driving instructor can give you advice on the location of the theory test centre which is closest to you. Arrive around 20 minutes before it starts. Make sure you take along both parts of your driving licence with you. If you have an old style licence you’ll need to take proof of your licence with you, such as a passport.

Try to stay calm and take your time reading and answering the questions. May we wish you every success with it! Paul Roach – Evolution Driving School.