Video tutorials in Liverpool

At Evolution driving school we have now compiled a selection of videos to help you to learn how to drive quicker. Most of the videos have been taken in and around Liverpool. So if you’re taking driving lessons in Liverpool you may find the Norris green or Garston driving test centre section helpful! This section will give you an insight to various junctions that could be covered whilst taking your driving test.   

Check out some more of our videos here that have been uploaded on youtube



In this section we have recorded a brief overview on how to deal with roundabouts.



Norris Green double roundabout

In this video we have put together a brief overview on how to deal with the broadway roundabouts which you may come across if you take your driving test at the Norris green driving test centre which is situated in Liverpool.



Norris Green Test Centre Car Park

In this video the car will start off by exiting the Norris green driving test centre in Liverpool. Then the car will proceed to turn right at the end of the road and then turn right at the traffic lights and then eventually deal with the double roundabout located in Broadway.


Norris Green Test Route: Turning right at the bulldog West derby

In this video the car approached a junction which has a road marking guiding you into position when turning right. When the is a safe gap turn right once your car covers the right arrow and don’t enter the hatched area.


Garston test route: Inedependent driving

In this video we have compiled a serious of junctions within the Garston driving test area which will give you an insight on what to expect when completing the independent drive section of your driving test.

The are three turns the car will complete here: Green hills onto Allerton road. Allerton road onto Green Lane. Then the last turn will take you from Green Lane onto Menlove avenue.