Driving Test

If you’re taking driving lessons in Liverpool with Evolution then it is more than likely you will take your practical driving test at either Norris Green (North Liverpool) or Garston Test Centre which is located in South Liverpool. We cover all the Driving Test Centres that are listed below – so if you’re looking for a driving school in and around these regions why not give us a call on 07825834624 to book with us:



When taking a driving test your driving will be assessed for around 45 minutes taking in various traffic and road conditions. Around ten minutes of that time will be used to demonstrate independent driving, using signs and verbal instructions. You’ll also be asked to do 1/4 reversing manoeuvres. 1/3 test candidates are required to complete an emergency stop. At the beginning of the test you’ll be required to read a car registration plate from the required distance. After the eyesight check you will then be asked one show and one tell question.

Overall the test is assessed using the identification of driving faults to highlight your weaker areas. The driving examiner will use the marking sheet (dl25) to record any faults that might occur throughout the driving test. At the end of the test the driving examiner will count up all the faults, if any were committed during the drive. To pass, there should be no dangerous or serious faults marked and also you’ll need to have totted up no more than 15 minor faults.  You can also fail for committing the same minor fault too many times.




Choosing a driving instructor

It is not a legal requirement to take driving lessons with a fully qualified driving instructor, although if you do, you will increase your chances of passing first time and also it’ll be more likely that you have a better understanding of how to stay safe on the roads after passing.


How to book the Driving Test

Before you can book a driving test you’ll need to pass the theory test first. Most driving tests are now booked online. When you’re booking it you will need to be in possession of your theory test certificate number and also have your driving licence number to hand too. When taking the test you’ll need to take along both parts of your driving licence and your theory test certificate.


Things you’ll need to know after passing

Once you pass the driving test you’ll be licensed to drive any category B vehicle.  You’ll need to make sure the vehicle is road worthy and is fully insured for your use.  After passing, it’s important to keep learning the rules and regulations which you’re bound by within the ‘new driver’ act.

Learn how to have a smooth Driving Test!