driving lessons in Liverpool covid 19

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driving lessons in liverpool covid 19

Covid 19 restrictions

how its impacting your driving lessons

To stop the spread of Covid 19 The DVSA have announced a nationwide suspension of all ADI’S and PDI’S, prohibiting the driver training industry from delivering driving lessons in Liverpool and across the country too.

So what does this mean for learner drivers across Liverpool still wanting to continue with their driving lessons?

For the short term, you won’t be able to continue with your driving lessons in Liverpool until lockdown restrictions have ended. To find out more about this subject we have outlined 5 popular questions our learner drivers have asked Evolution, regarding how the lockdown restriction’s will impact their driving lessons and driving tests too.

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The DVSA (the government body that regulates driving instructors) have stated that all driving instructors can continue to teach learner drivers again on December 3rd 2020.

Any driving test which is booked during November 2020 will be cancelled and a email will be sent out to the driving test candidate to confirm your driving test has been changed to the next available date. 

You have a couple of options. A driving test booking can be moved by yourself via your booking window. As there will be so many people trying to bring their driving test forward to an earlier date too, you may find it hard to see an earlier date if you’re not being intensive with your search. 

As an alternative Evolution would recommend a cancellation service, like cancellations for all. Its pretty easy to use and will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. 

Although you can’t have driving lessons with your driving instructor, you could still go out for private practice with a friend or family member who is in your social bubble.

if you’re unable to get any private practice, then we would recommend to speak to your driving instructor, as he/she will be able to advise you best about the lack of practice possibly affecting your driving going forward.

When getting private practice for driving lessons, the person supervising you must have a full Uk driving licence and be at least 21 with a minimum of 3 years driving experience to supervise you. You will need to make sure your tuition vehicle is fully insured with L plates on the front and rear of the vehicle too.

The insurance company who already insure the car may be able to provide you with Learner insurance too, if not – you can get insurance with Marmalade or Collingwood, who both specialise in Learner car insurance.

If you haven’t got your own car to practice in, you could lease one. Companies like Arnold Clarke in Liverpool specialise in leasing dual controlled cars, which are perfect for anyone wanting a driving lesson during lockdown.

steps we're taking

to stop the spread of Covid 19

Face coverings

Recently the government have announced that face coverings must be worn on public transport. At Evolution, we have decided to take the same action when conducting our driving lessons.

Currently we are requesting that both the driving instructor and pupil wears a face covering on their session unless their is a medical reason they cannot wear one.

keeping the car cean

From the moment you enter the car we will have hand sanitiser available for you to use. We will always make sure we have plenty of supplies, incase you would like to use it multiple times throughout the driving lesson.

Between every driving lesson we will make sure the car has been cleaned on all key surfaces. During the driving lesson we won’t use the air conditioning, instead we’ll opt to have the windows down slightly (when its not raining heavily) to keep the car well ventilated.   

Booking a driving lesson
with Evolution

Due to the high demand of people wanting to learn how to drive in Liverpool, we are requiring anyone to register their interest for our services using our online booking service. You can access it using the link below. once you’ve taken the time  fill it out, we’ll try our best to accomodate you, if you’re looking for driving lessons in Liverpool 

New rules on our
cancellation policy

Normally we operate a 48 hour cancellation policy. During the Coronavirus pandemic we’ll adopt a different approach. With regard to mild cold/flu like symptoms we would recommend our pupils take a proactive approach to cancelling the lesson without worrying about a late notice cancellation charge. Although we won’t be charging pupils for late notice cancellations, we would like our clients to take on board we may have to take action if we feel someone is abusing the system,