Learn how to Become a
Driving Instructor

In Liverpool With Evolution’s ADI training Programme. 

How do I Apply to become a driving instructor?

This process is fairly straight forward. Before an application can go any further with the DVSA You must get a new Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) click below to start your application.

Do I have to pay upfront or can I pay as you go?

We’ll let you decide, both options are their if you decide to pick Evolution driving School as your training provider.  

How much will it cost and what training will I receive?

There’re 3 tests you must pass to become a driving instructor.Part 1: A theory and Hazard perception testPart 2: A driving Test which will last for 60 minutesPart 3: A Test of your instructional ability which will last for 45 minutes.

Structuring Your Course

Part 1: 2 hours with a trainer then home study will be required.Part 2: 10 hours in-car trainingPart 3: 40 hours in-car training

What Options do I have after my 40 hours training

40 hours is the minimum amount of training the DVSA request before you can sit a part 3 test.

The most common approach to training now involves applying for a trainee badge and working as a driving instructor for 6 months. This will give you teaching experience and will help you gain the confidence to feel more prepared to sit and hopefully pass your part 3 Test.

If I choose the trainee route?

If you choose to use the trainee route you will need a driving school to sponsor you during the duration your trainee badge is valid for.

As a PDI you have an option to apply for a trainee licence once you’ve passed your ADI part 1 & 2 tests and have also completed a minimum of 40 part 3 hours training.

This can then be processed when you have a driving school/instructor who will sponsor you. The proviso when the licence is issued, will be to use it wisely and remember its been issued to help you gain teaching experience which in-turn will give you more confidence to take your part 3 test.

Here’s why we’re different to other driving schools in Liverpool:

  1. We wont just take anyone on who wants to train with us. Our reputation in Liverpool has been grown on a solid foundation and can only continue to grow if we take PDI’S on who will have a shared focus.
  2. If you’re a PDI who just wants to get through the test and rest on your laurels then we’re probably not a good fit for you going forward.

After passing your part 3 the DVSA will invite you take a Standards check. This test normally takes place a year after passing your part 3 test. Unfortunately all too often some Driving instructors get lazy, fall into bad habits and can fail it. We wont accept anyone like this working for us and that’s why after passing the part 3 test, we’ll design a post part 3 programme that will have you aiming for an A grade when you take your forthcoming standards check.