Driving instructor search in Liverpool

Who’d have thought searching for a driving instructor would be so tough? Make a few phone calls and Bobs your uncle ! 

Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Just ask the majority of learner drivers, who’ve recently been searching for a driving instructor in Liverpool. Constant phone calls, only to be told, sorry we’re too busy to take anyone on, or can you go on our 3 month waiting list?

Well, the good news for now is, our step by step guide will improve your search, by spending less time on the phone and more of your quality time learning to drive !

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Why are driving instructors So busy?

Before Covid 19, a learner driver could take a driving test within 4/6 weeks of booking it. Now you’ll be looking at a wait of around 12/16 weeks, at both Norris green and Speke driving test centre’s in Liverpool

Given that the average driving instructor in Liverpool, will have 2/4 pupils passing their driving test each month, (which would free up space for new students) will now see the same level of students passing every 2/3 months, due to current driving test waiting times. 

When should I first get in touch with a driving instructor?

  • Did you know? You can apply for your Provisional driving licence, 3 months prior to your 17th birthday

Why is this important?

If you’re planning to take driving lessons on the day you turn 17, it will only be achievable, if you apply for your licence and book in with a driving instructor a few months in advance.

Getting In touch with a driving instructor?

Given most driving instructors will be out teaching their learner drivers during the day, you may find there’s no one at the other end of the phone to answer your call. 

You could get lucky and get through but even then you may find its a frustrating process at times, repeating yourself, asking the same questions, only to be told “Sorry, we’re not taking on any new bookings at the moment.”

To save time I would recommend making contact via text, Whats app or even a driving instructor’s/driving school’s online booking form.

Copying then pasting your query to multiple instructors, should give you a quicker and more efficient response in the long run.

A local search with excellent results

You’re in luck there’s a DVSA search tool which will help you track down  40 driving instructors instructors who live in a 2 mile radius from your post code.

searching for a driving instructor in liverpool

In theory, this should be beneficial to the student as it not only provides you with the driving instructors location, it also will list their grade and any CPD they’ve recently conducted, which may enhance their teaching skills.  

Click the DVSA link below, to learn more about their search tool. 

What hours do driving instructors generally work?

What you may find in times when their is a high demand for people who want to learn how to drive, driving instructors will be able to work their own hours.

You may find the majority, prefer to work within the hours from 8am – 6pm, Monday – Friday.  If you’re not able to fit within those hours, you could be left in Limbo, void of options.

However, all is is not lost and you will need to be flexible in your approach, if you’re really determined to find a driving instructor.

Below we have listed a couple of solutions we have given to some of our learner drivers, who struggled to find a driving instructor, as a result of not being able to fit in with a lot of  instructors schedules. 

  • Can you do a driving lesson on your lunch break?
  • Will your employer allow you to start or finish work at a time which will allow you to have a driving lesson? 
  • Do you have any free periods in college, school or university which allows you to take a driving lesson? 
  • Have you considered a period you can take away from education or work to complete an intensive driving course? 
How much do driving instructors charge in Liverpool?

You maybe thinking, how will this affect my ability to search for a driving instructor?

Well – to tell you the truth, its one of the most popular questions we get asked, when people are looking for a driving instructor in Liverpool. prices.

Some, believe it or not, can be put off learning to drive once they establish what the going rate is, for driving lessons in Liverpool. 

Obviously you will want to know what he/she charges (for driving lessons) when you first make contact with them. However, take a look at the list below and do your research, to benchmark their prices.own the line.

  • Evolution driving school
  • Passfaster
  • Ashley Neal
  • BSM
  • Red
  • AA
  • Chris Kelly
  • Fastpass
  • Bill Plant
Liverpool driving lessons
Are all driving instructors the same?

To become a driving instructor, you need to pass 3 tests. ADI’S also have to complete a continued test every 2/4 years. At the end of the test, the driving instructor is graded on their performance.

  • A
  • B
  • Fail

This highlights The DVSA (Government agency who regulates the test) don’t think that all driving instructors are the same.

Understanding the quality of your instructor is important,. However you may want to factor in some of their characteristics too, as it will help you to locate a driving instructor who will compliment your own learning style.

driving lesson prices

Ask yourself would you like a passive approach to learning to drive or have you got a period of time you would like to have passed your driving test in?

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