Driving lessons in Liverpool

With driving Test waiting times running into 2021 at some Test Centres in the region, most driving instructors in Liverpool are at breaking point due to the increased demand for their services since the Covid 19 outbreak. Due to the amount of Learner drivers we’re constantly turning away at Evolution driving School, we have decided to put a step by step guide to help learner drivers across Liverpool understand how to get booked in for driving lessons. How long it can take to pass both your theory and practical driving test and also how long it can take to learn to drive

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So you’ve called a couple of driving schools in Liverpool and they’re all booked up and not taking anyone on? Well fear not, as you may’ve just scratched the surface. Did you know the DVSA have their own search engine which can track down 1000’s of independent driving instructors who The search engine is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is go to gov.uk and type in your postcode. Once you click the find button, there will be lots of driving instructors who appear and live within a 2 mile radius of your location. In my case, there where 40 instructors who appeared. Most of the driving instructors will have their contact details attached with a score of their last standards check.

Flexibility is key when trying to get your first driving lesson booked in. If your schedule is only evenings and weekends, you may find it very difficult Ĺto get a driving instructor who has space. So as an alternative, why not suggest early mornings or a lunch break. If that doesn’t work, you may want to consider booking some time off work or studies to book an intensive or semi intensive driving course. Normally these courses can be booked over a week to a month depending on your driving experience.

Take a minute to analyse the duration of your driving course. For example: I would like to have passed my driving Test in 6 months ! Now assess the waiting times for theory and practical driving Tests in your area. You can do this through this link. Normally the DVSA aim to keep theory tests within a 4 week wait and practical driving tests to a 6 week wait. However since the Covid 19 pandemic driving test waiting times are currently 3/4 months at Norris Green and Speke driving Test centres, which are located in Liverpool. To avoid disappointment, why not pass your theory test whilst waiting to get booked in with a driving instructor. You’ll then be in a great position to plan and book a driving test in your own timescale..

After conducting our research with 20 different driving schools in Liverpool, we concluded the average price for driving lessons in 2020 is £27-£30 per hour and £250-£290 for a block of 10 driving lessons. Using £27 as an average with 35 hours of practice, then the overall cost of your driving lessons would cost roughly £945. Remember to also include your theory test fee (£23) and practical test fee (£62) and also the cost of your provisional driving licence which will cost £34. After you add everything together, your overall cost of learning to drive will be around £1063. Managing your budget could actually save you money and time when learning to drive. For example if you’ve only budgeted for 50 % of your budget could be a problem, as you may have to stop until you find the funds to continue, which may cost more money for you in the long term.

if your a complete beginner, It may take roughly around 30/40 hours, if you pass your driving test first time and will not be gaining any private practice too. Some learner drivers may need less, some a bit more. To be totally honest, it’s a question that cannot be answered until you have had a few driving lessons under your belt first. Then your driving instructor can gauge your skill level and work on an estimation.

My own recommendation to speed up your learning process would be to get private practice and to continue to study the theory of driving, even if you’ve already passed your car theory test, this will help your all round knowledge and should help you to gain a better understanding of the rules of the road.

Consider buying a highway code. If the is a gap in your knowledge – index it through this book. If you haven’t already got one. you can purchase it by clicking the image above.



Ask yourself would you like a passive approach to learning to drive or have you got a period of time you would like to have passed your driving test in?

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