Driving Test

Follow our step by step guide to help you feel prepared and ready to pass the DVSA practical car driving test.

When should i book my test?

You can book a test the moment you pass your theory test. Your theory test will have a two year expiry date attached to it. 

If you fail to pass your driving test within this period, you will have to retake your theory test again before being able to book a driving test again.

The date you book the practical test, should be suitable for both yourself and the person supervising you on the day of your driving test.

Driving test overview

You’ll be tested on these 5 steps:

  1. Eyesight
  2. ‘Show me, tell me’ – vehicle safety questions
  3. Driving ability
  4. One reversing manoeuvre
  5. Independent driving
Practical Test marking sheet

During the driving test the examiner will note any driving faults on the test report (DL25) which is attached to their electronic tablet.

The driving faults are categorised into minor, serious and dangerous in the appropriate box. An automatic fail, would be a result of one isolated serious or dangerous fault and also cumulative of minor faults. Anymore than 15, will be an automatic fail too. 

.Once you’ve completed the test, the examiner will verbally explain your result to you and then the report will be emailed over to you, with guidance on where to improve if any faults were recorded on your driving test.

How will I know when i'm ready to book a practical test?

Gaining an Understanding of test readiness, should be communicated to you via your driving instructor. You don’t necessarily need to be test ready when booking it, however you’ll need to be ready when the day comes to take your driving test.

Mock driving tests, if completed on multiple occasions, will be the best way for both you and your driving instructor to determine if your ready for an attempt at a practical Test. 

A good standard of driving would generally be someone who has had an attempt at a couple of mock driving tests and has a minor count of 5 faults or below.  

Top Ten
Reasons Why
People Fail their Driving Test

  1. Observations at junctions
  2. Mirrors when changing direction
  3. Steering control
  4. Junctions turning right
  5. Move off safely
  6. Response to traffic lights
  7. Move off control
  8. Position normal driving
  9. Response to road signs and road markings
  10. Control – parallel parking

For A driving
Test in Liverpool

Did you know Liverpool has two test centres?

  • Norris Green 
  • Speke
entrance to norris green driving test centre
Speke driving test centre

Norris Green
Test Centre

Norris green test centre is located on Falklands Approach, which is two roads away from Townsend Avenue, where the infamous ‘Norris Green double roundabout‘ is situated.

This junction is just one of many in and around this area, you’ll need to practice before booking and taking a driving test at this centre.

Pass Rates

Looking at the table below you can see there has been a slight drop from 45% – in 2015 to the most recent year recorded, which is now 40% 











Historically, national pass rates for all practical tests, generally are around 47% – which is 7% higher than what the current pass rate is at Norris Green driving test centre.

Driving Test Routes

Although the DVSA don’t publish driving test routes anymore, we’ve attached some of the older routes they did publish, which the driving examiners still currently use at Norris Green. 

Test Centre

Speke Test Centre was founded in 2018, when the old Garston Driving Test Centre on Woolton Road relocated to its new location just off Banks Road. 

Having a capacity to conduct 10 practical tests at a time, instead of 6, was the main reason for its relocation from Garston to Speke.

Pass Rates

Speke has quickly gained a reputation as one of the hardest driving test centres to pass your driving test in the UK, with its current pass rate 14% lower than the national average.   





Driving Test Routes

Speke Test Centre has a L19 postcode, which according to Wikepedia is a postcode that belongs to Garston – not Speke. 

According to google maps, the location is only a 3 minute drive from its old location, which therefore made no real difference to the test routes when the centre re-located.

The routes that you’ll be taken on when you take your test at Speke, are virtually identical to the routes that were covered at the old Garston Driving Test Centre.

Although the DVSA have never published test routes for Speke, we’ve attached some of the older routes they did publish for Garston, which should come in handy if you’re taking your driving test at Speke.

If you do use the test routes, bear in mind they will start and finish at Woolton Road and not Skyhawk Avenue.

On the day you of your test, you’ll need to take along your provisional driving licence. Its recommended you take along your theory test certificate too.

If you wear glasses for distance, take them along too, as you’ll need them to pass the eye sight test.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, you’re not allowed to have your driving instructor sitting in on your test.

Before Covid restrictions, you was allowed to have someone attend it, weather that be your driving instructor, a family member or your friend.

If you would like to read more guidance on the rules, you can do so by clicking on the DVSA link 

The DVSA won’t supply the vehicle you take your test in, you’ll need to supply it yourself.

If you’ve been taking driving lessons with a driving instructor, normally you’ll use their tuition vehicle for the driving test. Alternatively, you can use your own – but just make sure you check what vehicles Cannot be used for the test

Top tips to help you pass first time

Below we’ve listed what we would regard as our 4 key steps. By following the steps correctly should give you a realistic chance of passing your driving test on the first attempt.


is 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail.' Unfortunately a large % of test fails are simply because candidates have taken a test before they should have.


Test routes shouldn't be manipulated. However, we would recommend to get plenty of practice in the area you take your test, as there may be junctions that are bespoke to the area they're located.


What a practical test entails. A test can feel a little alien to a driving lesson. We recommend taking Mock tests to gain an understanding of how you will perform.


Your nerves and how you manage them can play a big part in the outcome of your practical Test. Try to understand your own nerves and work on calming strategies to manage them effectively.