Intensive driving courses in Liverpool

Booking your intensive driving lessons in Liverpool

Currently Driving Test waiting times nationally are averaging around 15 weeks.

This will be a major factor on how quick you can complete your course of intensive driving lessons. Our advice is to check the DVSA to ascertain what the wait is at the driving test centre you would like to take your test at.

You can email DVSA driving test booking support
Or by Telephone: 0300 200 1122 to get up-to date information

Frequently asked questions

The course could be completed in a week or a couple of months. The duration of the course will vary and we’ll mainly need to take into account if You have passed a driving theory test which doesn’t expire before the driving course would be completed and there’re practical driving tests available within the timeline you would like to complete the course in.

Liverpool has two driving Test centres Which are:

Norris Green DVSA Driving Test Centre
Falklands Approach, Liverpool L11 5BN
Speke DVSA Driving Test centre
14 Skyhawk, Liverpool L19 2QR


Yes anyone can do the course, however there is no guarantee you’ll be ready to take a driving test once the course is completed. So this is something you need to consider before booking a course.

All our driving lessons are charged by the hour which costs £37

We will work with you to gauge how many hours we think you’ll need and multiply that number by £37 to calculate the overall cost.

No You don’t need to book one in, However we would advise you to if you’re a complete beginner or someone who has limited experience, as this will hopefully prevent you from booking a course that won’t be suitable for your needs.

Learn how we'll structure
your course

Hours you'll need

We normally recommend 40 hours if your a compete beginner, if you've got experience, we'll factor this in when giving you our estimate.

Course Length

This will be structured around your timeline. We'll only make suggestions for you to consider as we want you to be at the heart of how the course is structured

Lesson duration

The length of the lesson can vary. we'll make sure this is tailored to fit your learning style and availability during the course.

Test Centre

Usually we'll suggest booking the driving test at the centre, which you live closest too and has the shortest waiting time too.

Our instructors

All our instructors have been trained in-line with the DVSA National Standard for Driver and Rider Training to make sure our standards will more than meet your expectations.


We generally offer a pay as you go service if the course is spread out.

Expert Knowledge

An intensive driving course can be physically and mentally challenging. This is why we think its sensible to do your research and make sure you book a course, with a team of driving instructors that will provide a course –  that not only focuses on getting you through your test but makes sure you’ll be confident beyond it too.