Intensive driving lessons in Liverpool

Intensive driving lessons

If you’re looking to pass your driving test quickly, then why not get booked onto one of our fast pass, intensive driving courses in Liverpool.  You can take your pick from one of our pre set courses or alternatively, we can design one for you.

Learn how we'll structure
your course

Hours you'll need

We normally recommend 40 hours if your a compete beginner, if you've got experience, we'll factor this in when giving you our estimate.

Course Length

A typical 20 hour course can be completed in a week, however we'll give you a suggestion based on your requirements.

Lesson duration

The longest session we recommend is 2.5 hours. We can do two sessions per day, one in the morning, with the other in the afternoon or evening

Test Centre

Usually we'll suggest booking the driving test at the centre, which you live closest too and has the shortest waiting time too.

Theory Test

Be aware you cannot book a driving test, unless you have passed the theory test. If needed, we can help you get it passed with access to TTP.


Once your happy with the course structure and a driving test has been booked, a deposit of #150 will need to be paid to secure the course.

Expert Knowledge

Being a Liverpool based company, you’ll have a guarantee of being taught by driving instructors, who have expert knowledge of both (Norris Green and Speke) Driving test centres in Liverpool. With 15 years experience, our driving instructors know what it will take, to pass the driving test quickly and first time too.

Taking A Retest?

5 hour course

Three hours of practice leaving two hours for the day of your driving test. The five hour course does not include your driving test fee.

Course to book?

We can give you our recommendation of how many hours we think you may need based on the information you enter into our survey form which is listed below.

You can also look through the courses we have listed and give us a suggestion of which course you think would work for you.  

the course

Once we have decided on a course, we can then look at booking a driving test. Once everything is agreed with the booking date and the course schedule we’ll then take a 50% deposit off you. 

Payments can be made via cash, bank transfers or we can use our online payments service.

Assesment lesson ?

You don’t need to book an assessment driving lesson before booking a course of intensive driving lessons with Evolution.

However we would advise you to do an assessment driving lesson if you’re unsure on your level of experience, as it will give your driving instructor a better idea of what course to recommend.    

Do you cover ?

When you book a course of intensive driving lessons in Liverpool with Evolution, we will book your driving test at either Norris green or Speke driving test centre.

Both of these centres are located in Liverpool. The centre we choose will usually depend on where you live and which centre has space to fit in with your schedule.

Semi intensive driving course

2 x 90 minute driving lessons each week

Thirty eight hours of driving lessons in total spread over a ten week course.

The course does not include a driving Test


An average learner driver can take around 40 hours of driving lessons to be at a standard to take a driving test. This is why the majority of people who take a one hour driving lesson each week, on average take roughly one year to learn how to drive.

Over the years we have found some of our learner drivers in Liverpool want a driving course that is something in between intensive driving lessons and just taking a one hour driving lesson each week.

This is why a semi intensive driving course can be a good solution for you. For example if you have 2 x 2 hour driving lessons each week – then you could have your course completed within a 10 week period.

Theory Test yet

When we book someone in for an intensive driving course of lessons, we would generally assume the course to be completed before a four week period to be regarded as an intensive driving course.

If you haven’t passed your theory test yet, it will be impossible to complete the course in this timescale due to theory and practical driving test waiting times.

So if you haven’t passed your theory test yet, we could get you booked in for a semi intensive course or weekly driving lessons. Once booked in we can give you free access to theory test pro – which will give a great platform to study and pass your theory test.