Getting the most from your driving lessons

with the total drive app

Tracking your progess

Students can stay up-to-date with their progress by seeing a full breakdown of the customisable driving syllabus for each individual skill. Students also receive an automatic message when the instructor updates their progress – encouraging them to continue using the app.

The lesson summary zone provides a percentage bar overview of each ability category. You can also write notes for each lesson that the student and you can refer back to

Weekly reports sent directly

The home screen provides a snapshot when the student logs in. Students can easily see their next lesson, driving summary, syllabus progress as well as their theory and practical test dates.

The student app enables full digital records! All information is accessible to the student, including booked and past lessons with pick-up and drop-off points, payments (total hours delivered and prepaid credit), messages, lesson notes and reflective logs that your students can fill out via the app.

feedback after a driving lesson