Save money off your driving lessons

The overall cost of driving lessons in Liverpool, including tests, can cost around £1200. Unfortunately, all too often a lot of learner drivers can end up spending  more money than is necessary throughout their driving course. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a 5 step guide – designed to save you money off your driving lessons. 

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Save money off your driving Lessons by doubling your tuition

Double your tuition time each week to help you memorise your routines. Recently we conducted a survey in our driving school and found (on average) 10 learner drivers who had two one hour driving lessons each week passed their driving test quicker than 10 others, who had just one hour each week. This saved them approximately £135 off the total cost of their driving lessons. How is this possible? 


To put it into perspective, compare a driving lesson to a couple of subjects/skills you’ve learnt in life. Then ask yourself, did one hour a week cut it? Or did you need more time to practice to retain what you had learnt the week before? The same theory applies to a driving lesson. More practice each week = less time consolidating on what you’ve already learnt.

Pass your theory test as soon as you can to save money off your driving lessons

Don’t leave it too late to pass the Theory Test. Making sure you’ve passed your theory test earlier rather than later is an essential requirement. By doing this you’ll save yourself quite a bit of money off the cost of your driving lessons. Many learners who are ready to take a practical driving test, sometimes cannot book one as they have not yet passed their theory test.

This can then lead to two options. Continue to take driving lessons each week, or stop until you’ve passed your theory test. Unfortunately either option will end up costing you more money and may end up costing £130 on unnecessary driving lessons. The solution: Set a target date for your theory test. Try to factor in the theory test and practical driving test waiting times for your area. You can do this via the DVSA website.

We would recommend aiming to pass the theory test a month or two before you anticipate needing to book a practical driving test.

Private practice can be a great way to bring down the overall cost of your driving Lessons

Getting some extra practice in with parents or guardians could save you a fortune and will definitely bring down the overall cost of your driving lessons. The general cost to get insured on a small/family size vehicle for a month can cost around £90. In theory you could use this time to clock up 20 hours of practice which can cost around £560 with a driving instructor. Minus the fuel costs of private practice, you could be looking at a saving of around £410


Try to get a couple of quotes in advance to get a better idea before you commit yourself. Marmalade and Collingwood specialise in learner car insurance.

Purchase driving Lessons in bulk to save money

Buying driving lessons in bulk can save you around 10% off your driving course. After we conducted research with 20 driving schools in Liverpool, we concluded that you could save in the region of £20 when you buy a block of 10 driving lessons. If a learner driver takes on average 40 hours of driving lessons before passing the practical driving test, This will give you a saving of £80 off the cost of your driving lessons.

Taking a driving test when you're not ready will not save you money off driving lessons

Pass your driving test first time.
Easier said than done you may be thinking, but all too often some learners book a driving test against their instructor’s advice. Look at it this way, if you fail a couple of driving tests it’ll cost you an extra £124. This doesn’t factor in the cost of the extra driving lessons you may need too. If you have a good relationship with your driving instructor try to take on board their advice. Sometimes a couple of extra driving lessons can be the difference between passing or failing your driving test.

Our Conclusion

Learner drivers who pass their driving test first time, compared to a learner who passes their driving test on their 3rd attempt, can save on average £340 off their driving lessons. Factor this in with all the other savings we have published, then you’re looking at a combined total of £1095.

driving lesson prices

Now ask yourself which learner driver do you want to be?